Wmlink/2step – Guide For 2 Step Verification Setup

Protect your sensitive Walmart One information with an extra layer of security: 2-Step Verification (2SV). This guide explains why you need it, how it works, and the simple steps to set it up in minutes.

Why is 2SV Important?

2SV adds an extra layer of protection to your account, making it much harder for unauthorized access. Even if someone cracks your password, they won’t be able to log in without the additional verification code sent to your phone.

  • Improved security: 2SV drastically reduces the chances of unauthorized access to your Walmart account, even if someone manages to obtain your password.
  • Protection of sensitive data: Walmart stores personal information including pay stubs, schedules, and benefits information. 2SV helps keep this data safe.
  • Peace of mind: Know that your Walmart account has an additional safeguard against potential breaches.
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How Does 2SV Work?

When you enable 2SV, logging in requires not only your username and password but also a unique verification code sent to your chosen device via:

  • Text Message: Receive a code directly to your phone.
  • Voice Call: Listen to an automated call with your code.
  • VIP App: Use the official VIP Access app for added convenience.

Ready to Set Up 2SV?

Here’s how to get started in a few easy steps:

  1. Visit the One Walmart portal: Go to [https://one.walmart.com/] while connected to the Walmart network or VPN.
  2. Enter your credentials: Log in with your Walmart ID, password, country, and location details.
  3. Choose your verification method: Select your preferred method from Text Message, Voice Call, or VIP App.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions: Each method has specific steps, so follow the prompts carefully.
  5. Enjoy enhanced security! Once complete, your account is protected with 2SV.

Additional Information:

  • No smartphone? No problem! 2SV works with basic phones too, using voice calls or text messages.
  • Need help? Contact the Walmart One Helpline for assistance:
    • US-based store/field associates: 479-273-4357
    • Home Office associates: 479-273-8866
    • International associates: Contact your local help desk.


Does 2SV guarantee complete security?

While 2SV significantly increases security, it’s important to maintain good password hygiene and be cautious about suspicious activities.

What is 2-step verification (2SV)?

2SV adds an extra layer of security to your Walmart account by requiring both your password and a temporary code sent to your phone when you log in. This makes it harder for unauthorized users to access your data, even if they know your password.

Don’t wait! Protect your Walmart One account today by enrolling in 2-Step Verification. It’s quick, easy, and essential for keeping your information safe.